Jnaja cock ring
Cockrings can be both fun and functional… but can they be fashion?

Can Cockrings be fashion?

The boffins over at Velv’or seem to think they can, so much so that they designed a range of interesting products with even more interesting names, including:

  • Jnaja
  • Jnada
  • Jnata
  • Jnamo

They come in a range of sizes and colours. More impressive, is the way these products are manufactured… they’re 3D printed in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands.

My, how very fancy.

The Problem with cockrings…

I like cockrings – I’ve got about a dozen… from the cheap black rubber ones, to the silicone Tantus Sling, and a couple of all metal monsters. But I’ve never found one that was comfortable enough for longer term wear.

They tend to pinch, or pull, or slip. They put pressure on your balls (an ache no-one wants), or they cut off circulation (if your old-fella starts to feel cold using any cockring, remove it immediately lest you invite a medical emergency!) They rip out hairs (if you have any), or rub at the delicate skin of your downstairs-mixup.

My experience? A bit of fun in the moment with your partner, but not as much fun longer term as a general rule.

That said, I actually enjoy wearing a cockring for extended periods of time. I like the way it accentuates the boys and fills out the jeans, and I like the feeling of a little constriction reminding me that I’m hiding a secret under my clothes as I go about my day either at work or just down the supermarket.

So the promise of a comfortable ‘daily driver’ from Velv’or was something that I was very interested in.

Getting my hands on one…

Then came the next problem… buying one. In Australia (where I’m writing this from – and there’s the first nugget of personal information released into the internet wild) there’s no shortage of online adult shops to purchase whatever gets your rocks off, however I found sourcing one of these bad boys to be a bit of a pain. Most stores that listed them on their sites had ‘sold out’ against them when you attempted to make the purchase.


Then I found SAX Leather. Not only did they stock the Jnaja, but they were more than willing to answer a few questions over Facebook Messenger about the product.

Now, this isn’t an advert for SAX Leather – I didn’t get the product for free, and I never mentioned that I was thinking about starting a blog – I’m naming the company because I was blown away by an online store that is both responsive and friendly.

They answered multiple questions (after hours) from someone who wasn’t even a customer – and they didn’t direct me back to the manufacturers website, or worse, not respond at all. If you’ve read my post about why I started MensToyTester, you’ll know it’s because I wanted more information about adult toys… and SAX Leather was a great buying experience. They genuinely could not have been more helpful and, as a result, I placed an order immediately.

It arrived about a day later… not bad when you consider the distance between places Down Under… and I was quick to whip it out of its (very pretty and professional) packaging and see if it lived up to its promise.

Boy, does it ever…

I genuinely think I’m in love with this product. It’s comfortable, fits like a glove, doesn’t get annoying after 5 minutes, and doesn’t chafe the skin or rip at the short and curlies.

My only concern was that the little ‘arm’ on the device might get annoying after a while. Less ‘politely stimulating perineal massage’ and more ‘wearing a hole through my taint’ kind of annoying.

I needn’t have worried.

Not only is the Jnaja comfortable to wear (I’ve gone about 6 hours at time of writing), it does a great job of enhancing what you’re working with without being obnoxious (or making it look like you’re a 13yr old with a Holeproof Explorer stuffed in your jocks – something I’ve heard other people have done in the past).

And when ‘adult time’ with my wife was on the cards, the Jnaja performed admirably. Not only did little-Kurt stand to attention in the most stylish way possible, he was hard enough to use for building demolition.

And that ‘arm’ I mentioned before? Yeah, that’s a nice. Very nice.

TL;DR… or the ‘Scorecard’

Packaging – 8 out of 10

Small white box, stylish in an ‘Apple product’ kind of way. No offensive odours, or extraneous paper or plastic. Presentation of the cockring itself in the box could afford to look a little more premium. You’re paying a decent price for, what is effectively, a hard piece of 3D printed nylon… so it would be nice to have a deluxe experience opening the box.

Anyway, I throw the boxes away… and the device looks cool enough to stand on its own.

Usability & Comfort – 8 out of 10

There’s a million pages to help you measure for a cockring (I’ve even written one that you can find here).

Make sure you get this right… getting the correct size is paramount to your comfort, safety, and success.

That said, the Jnaja was easy to put on, and sat comfortably against the body – just as promised. The additional stimulating ‘arm’ performed exactly as designed… providing pleasurable pressure without causing discomfort.

Cleanability & Care – 9 out of 10

Easy to care for (so far), and easy to clean. The manufacturer also says that the colouring is designed to wear like faded jeans according to how each individual uses and cares for the Jnaja.

I look forward to seeing how my bright red piece ends up after a few years use.

Value – 7 out of 10

Can you get cheaper cockrings? Of course you can. And if all you’re looking for is something to impede the blood flow, and keep your dick hard, absolutely go for it.

However… if you want something very comfortable, and a fair bit more stylish, then you could do a lot worse than the Jnaja. It’s unique, its fun, and a little special. It’s a great mid-level cockring experience for when you get sick of cheap-and-nasty pieces of rubber or steel… but aren’t ready to go all-in on a higher end piece.

And, take my advice, check out SAX Leather if you’re finding one hard to track down, or need some help.

Of course, if you have any questions… you can always drop me a line 🙂