So… sex is great.

I feel safe writing that here because it’s likely you wouldn’t be on my site if you didn’t feel the same way.

And the best sex is the completely uninhibited, crazed, throw-caution-to-the-wind, kind of sex.

The messy sex, the lube-y sex, the sex where you just abandon yourself in the other person without concern about how you look, how you sound, or if you wreck the bedsheets 🙂

The sex thats keenly focused on passion and pleasure – either solo, or with others.

The sexy sex.

Some shared experiences

Pretty sure there are some things that we’ve all experienced at some time in our sexual journey:

  • Throwing down a spare towel in expectation of a particularly adventurous evening
  • Moving the ‘good comforter’ out of the way (just in case)
  • Swearing as a bottle of lube tips over… resulting in a glistening slick and a rushed scramble for anything absorbent 
  • Attempting a Russian-gymnast-inspired dismount to reach a fistful of tissues before a deluge of sexy-time leaks across the bedding
  • Spending a night contorting yourself trying to avoid the frigid result of wetspot mixed with air conditioning

Not to mention, I have no doubt that we’ve all soaked a set of bedsheets in hot water the following day to wash out the heady mix of lube, sweat, and other less identifiable bodily fluids.

Until recently, I simply thought that this was the price you paid for great, unrestrained, spontaneous fucking.

But I’m glad to say… I was wrong.

Sex Towels (Cumpanions)…

I found these amazing products through my Twitter feed. I’d been considering purchasing the Liberator Throe… but just couldn’t justify something that expensive and limited in practicality.

But then I saw this Texan lady who handmakes awesome sex-towels… and I knew I had to try them out.

Anna with sex towel
Texan… not Canadian
(Image courtesy of

Boy am I (and my wife) glad I did.

I purchased one of the Maxamoure bundles. This comes with three items that I feel are both indispensable and have comprehensively upped our sexual game.

The Maxamoure bundle... three sex towels you absolutely need in your kit
Bundle Time Y’all!
(Image courtesy of

Starting with the largest of the three : The Maxamoure is 5 feet of plush, soft, waterproof microfibre. It easily absorbs anything you can throw it it, completely protecting any surface you’re playing on, and does so in the softest and most comfortable manner possible.

Anna lying on maxamoure sex towel
(Image courtesy of

Fully reversible, it comes in a variety of colours, and easily fits into your existing decor without screaming “I’M HERE FOR THE DIRTY FREAKY TIMES”. It’s so lightweight, you can store it in your bedside table, and deploy it onto the bed mid-position-change without skipping a beat like some kind of porn-parachute-of-surface-safety.

And the fabric… damn is it soft. Like lying on a cloud. A beautiful, soft, machine washable, fuck-cloud.

A penis shaped cloud
Results of googling Fuck Cloud… gotta say, I’m not mad

Nothing is a match for this thing… go as crazy as you want with the lube – water based, silicone based, hybrid based, oil based – whatever you want… have your fun and just throw it in the washing machine. In our testing we absolutely covered it with pjur silicone original, and it washed right out ready to serve again.

Pro tip : you can buy specific microfibre laundry detergents (I use this one from Bowdens Own, it’s an Aussie car-care range), to keep your ByAnnaRae’s perfect. You don’t have to (you can use normal laundry detergent)… just keep fabric softener out of the wash as it soaks into the microfibre and limits the absorption properties.

We’ve used the Maxamoure as part of our pegging setup, and it is absolutely astounding… not to mention it provides a sense of confidence that, no matter what happens, cleanup is a breeze and you will be able to sleep at the end without awkwardly stripping back and remaking the bed with your partner.

Burning mattress
A completely acceptable alternative…

Moving down in size is the Cumpanion. Measuring 24” by 16” (about the size of a bathroom hand towel), it’s the perfect size for cleanup. Super soft and luxurious microfibre meets satin trim, it’s amazing for aftercare.

A small pocket on the towel allows you to fold it in on itself, or to store an adult toy both before and after use. Great for travel!

Anna with cumpanion sex towel
Cumpanions! Note the most excellent pocket??
(Image courtesy of

No more wads of sticky tissues to deal with, or racing to find a panty-liner to sleep in, the Cumpanion effortlessly soaks up anything you want and is beautiful on the skin.

So much so that, before beginning the sexy-time, my wife’s first question is ‘Have we got the Cumpanion here?’ (She’s a smart cookie, always planning ahead in comparison to my fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-and-deal-with-the-regret-later approach to fucking).

The Cumpanion is so soft and comfortable my wife can sleep with it against her most intimate of intimates all night, naked except for a smile and some plush microfibre… just one more reason I love it!

Cumpanion sex towel in multiple colour options
(Image courtesy of

Finally, we have the Playmate. About the same size as a washcloth (8” by 13”) the playmate is my personal go-to. The perfect size to wipe off your downstairs mix-up, spilt lube, or even to clean massage oil of you/your partners body.

I love this thing. Following a bout of horizon-expanding, lascivious, steamy sexy-time… my wife reaches for the Cumpanion while I (self-congratulatorily, no doubt) grab the Playmate and (within seconds) we are both clean, comfortable, and free to bask in the afterglow without having to leave the bed or dash for tissues.

Playmate sex towel in various colours
Everyone needs a playmate
(Image courtesy of

I don’t know about anyone else, but as an owner/operator, my opinion is that tissues suck for penis cleanup. I’ve never mastered the skill of wiping my cock down without tufts of tissue sticking to it like some kind of dick-Velcro… leaving it looking like some kind of dandruff-ridden phallus.

There’s a mental image I know you’re glad I put in your mind.

So, that said, all that remains is for me to unabashedly recommend you immediately head to and get your own.

I simply cannot recommend her range highly enough, and assure you that you will not be disappointed. 

Guarantee seal image
That’s a menstoytester guarantee