The first in a reoccurring theme, Monday will be all about basics.

Today, we talk lube.

One of the most overlooked, yet most important aspects of great sex – no matter what your preferred activity may be – is lube.

In most cases – and I know there are exceptions 🙂 – friction is the enemy of most good sex, so it’s paramount to get lubrication right.

No excuse…

Ultimately there’s no excuse for lacking lubrication… you can get your hands on it it at any supermarket these days. Even if you dive in for the old faithful KY, make sure you’re on top of your lube game. Back in my university days, if you went home with someone who didn’t have lube in the side table, it was a clear indicator that sex was likely to be ordinary 🙂

I’ve tried countless brands, styles, flavours, and price points… and my preference in most cases is pretty easy. Pjur original silicone lube. It’s slippery, a little goes a long way, it’s flavourless and odourless, washes out of clothes and sheets easily, and it doesn’t dry out.

A bottle of pjur original lubricant
The lube of a discerning generation

When it comes to being multipurpose… pjur comes into its own… it’s excellent for vaginal or anal sex, great for masturbation, and is fantastic for massage or as a skin conditioner.


And when I say a little goes a long way, I’m not kidding. Just a couple of drops is needed for most situations. If you’re experimenting with larger insertables, pjur will be your best friend. It completely eliminates drag in most cases, allowing you to clearly focus on the sensations, and your body.

Whilst the bottle isn’t particularly easy to use one handed or in a rush (the lid needs to be unscrewed)… because it doesn’t dry out you can afford to leave the lid loose (or even off) for extended periods.

As an added bonus, you can easily get smaller bottles which are great for travel, or discretely carrying around in your day pack (or partners bag) without taking up huge amounts of space.

I always have one in my briefcase.

A word of warning…

But – and this is a HUGE but – you cannot use pjur original with silicone toys. As most anyone will tell you, when silicone lube meets silicone toys, it degrades the material. It makes the toy surface sticky, eats away at the finish, and ultimately destroys them.

Not what you want if you’ve spent good money buying a decent toy, only to wreck the first time you play with it!

You can get around this by covering the toy with a condom if you want… but honestly, that’s too much stuffing around for me. If I’m using a silicone toy, I’ll just use a water based lube instead.

What about water based options?

When I need water based lube – I recommend JO or sliquid. They’re both high quality and easy to use and clean up. Just don’t expect the same level of slipperiness, or longevity. Be prepared to reapply as you go.

JO Lube Creme Brulee
JO Lube Creme Brulee… coming to an ice-creamery near you!

JO in particular has some AMAZING flavours available. I was introduced to them at SEXPO in Melbourne a couple of years ago – the manufacturers had an ice cream machine set up, and they were using their flavoured lubes as syrups! (Their creme brûlée is the clear winner as an ice cream topping, in case you wondered)

Sliquid sassy water based lube
Sliquid Sassy is another toy safe great option

Your other option is to step up your toy game… glass, or metal, toys can be used with silicone lube without concern. I prefer pjur so much that I’ve swapped most of my toys out now for higher quality toys where possible (keep your eyes out for a review in the not too distant future on my favourite njoy toy!)

Set yourself up properly – lube is the foundation of great sex, and great experimentation… so do it right 🙂