The LUX LX3+… a decidedly unsexy name for a fun piece of plastic

Whoever was in charge of making up the moniker for this particular item really phoned it in. Or only had a few minutes. Or wasn’t getting paid. Or had never seen the item and just went with whatever was sitting on the scrabble board that day.

To do list photo : Item 1, not give a fuck
Dot point 2 : Come up with stupid name for male sex toy.

Seriously, any name would be better than the LUX LX3+. I’ve owned it for a while now, and even I had to search online to jog my memory as to what its actual name was.

Not that the toy is super forgettable, it’s actually a bit of fun… it’s just that the name means literally nothing… other than it’s slightly larger than the LUX LX3 (hence the ‘plus’).

Anyway… this was the first ever prostate stimulator I ever purchased.

Tell me more…

A few years ago, I was in my local adult store, and got talking to the saleswomen. She asked what I was looking for… I really had no idea, so she asked how open I was experimenting.

Now, I realise this is starting to sound like a ‘Penthouse Letters’ story, but that’s not where I’m heading.

I was working in a job that required a lot of travel and time away from my wife and family… I was looking for something that I could take with me that would be a bit of fun, and brake up the monotony of my daily wank.

Nodding sagely, like an all-knowing-wizard-of-fucking, she took me over to a newly arrived box of toys and showed me the LUX LX3+… explaining that they were brand new, and that the store owner had been raving about them ever since he had returned from an expo.

Lady dressed up as sexy Gandalf
Sexy Gandalf

That was a good enough sales pitch for me. I thought, if a bloke who trades in adult toys every day could get that excited about a product, it had to be something good. Throwing my credit card on the counter – one happy saleswoman, and 15 minutes later – and I was the proud owner of my very first guybrator.

Taking it home…

Opening it up when I arrived home left me with a fantastic first impression. I call the toy ‘David Beckham’ because it comes in a posh box.

High quality cardboard opens up to a piece of translucent vellum with a bunch of marketing speak… the design and font choice seemed very stylish and masculine. At the time this was something revolutionary, but these days pretty much every corner hipster barber shop uses the same typeset.

Black box showing the LUX LX#+
Not seen here : Scary, Sporty, Ginger, or the other one.

Inside sat ‘David’ in all his hard black plastic glory, along with the charger. I appreciated that the charger actually came with a few different plug adapters, so if I was travelling internationally and still wanted to play with myself (I say ‘if’… like it’s at all possible that I wouldn’t), the option is there to stay charged. In a time before the ubiquitous USB charger, this was a nice touch.

The device itself is hard plastic… initially I thought maybe a little too hard, but ultimately the rigidity worked for me. It helped a bloke completely inexperienced in prostate toys actually insert the thing and find the right spot.

The silicone is smooth enough, not quite as luxurious as that you find on Tantus or Lelo toys, but for a man new to the arena it was more than sufficient. I read a review on this device by TheBigGayReview (seriously, read his stuff – he’s excellent) that spoke about how much of a dust magnet this thing is, and he is bloody right… it doesn’t seem to matter how fastidious you are in cleaning and storing David, he always seems to look like you found him under the fridge, or down the back of the couch, or stuck to the back of a hobo. There is no way to just ‘whip it out and play’, you absolutely need to clean it prior to each use.

Cleaning and usage…

Luckily, cleaning is pretty easy… not just because it picks up hair faster than a horde of marauding Dysons, but also because it is a butt toy. You can wash under running water with either toy cleaner or soap. It only has one with hole to keep water out of – where the charger normally connects – and this can be stopped up by a strategically placed finger.

And usage couldn’t be easier… apply some water based lubricant to the toy, make sure that the arm is pointed towards the front of your body (so it sits against the perineum), and carefully slide it into position. It’s about 4 inches in insertable length, and not super large at its widest part… so it’s fairly comfortable to use.

Make sure you use toy safe lubricant… as mentioned in a previous post silicone toys do not play well with silicone lube!

The wicked witch of the west - I’m melting.

You’ll find a single button on the toy, which turns it on as well as allowing you to cycle through the different speeds and vibration patterns. You can also lock the toy in an ‘off’ position so you don’t inadvertently set it off while travelling… saving a few embarrassed airport security guards I’m sure.

What’s the verdict?

On vibration… its pretty good. Not the deepest rumble, but a lot better than some toys I’ve tried since. Many toys say they vibrate, but instead seem to just buzz loudly with bugger all actual stimulation. David held up his end of the bargain surprisingly well, especially for a prostate toy newcomer, with some decent stimulation transferred effectively through the rigid arm and directly against the sweet spot.

The other arm, nestled against the taint, also assisted in delivering the vibration where it was needed.

All in all, it was an excellent introduction to this kind of play… one that I continue to explore.

One last point… and this is both a negative and a positive… I broke it. Not immediately, and not even in the first year of ownership, but ultimately I broke it. Something inside the arm detached internally at some point, you could turn on the motor and hear it working its heart out, but there was no vibration.

Whilst that’s a pretty big negative… the positive was the way it was handled.

I reached out to the manufacturer, BMS Factory (again, who comes up with these fucking names??) and told them it had failed. They were happy to email back a forth a few times to discuss, before supplying a brand new device (I only had to cover postage).

Replacement David continues to operate and, even though I have different toys now and he’s used less regularly, if I pull him out (wash him off) and charge him up… David is ready and willing to do whatever he can to get me off.

And really, that’s an absolute requirement of any sex toy.