Dicks aren’t the best looking things…

Don’t get me wrong, I love my cock… but I recognise that, aesthetic wise, evolution really phoned it in when designing its appearance.

Luckily, there are ways to make it look better (in my opinion), as well as performing the added bonus of increasing stimulation for both you and your partner.

In my case, that involved the Prince Albert piercing.

Black and white image of a penis with a Prince Albert piercing
Fun and hot as fuck.

Where did this come from?

A quick internet search (or drunken conversation with a group of friends) will likely inform you that this particular piercing takes its name from the Prince Albert who apparently pierced his member prior to his marriage to Queen Victoria around 1825. The story goes that he was quite well endowed in a time when crotch bulges were out of style, and he had this piercing performed so as to allow him to secure his old-fella to his thigh. This is also apparently where the idea of choosing a side to ‘dress to’ comes from.

Further investigation shows that the above story is likely myth, and that no one actually knows where the Prince Albert piercing originated. Indeed, the true Prince Albert had a bit of a reputation for being sexually repressed, so the likelihood of him having someone place a ring in the end of his cock would be out of character.

What is known is that the Prince Albert piercing is one of the most popular genital piercings, and that it has been around for quite some time.

I’ve been rocking mine since my first year of University, way back in the late 90’s.

I wish I could argue its because I needed to hide a piece that would make a horse blush, but I promised myself that this website would only espouse the truth.

Blushing horse kids picture.

How’s it done…

First off, you swallow your embarrassment and call a licensed tattoo or body piercing parlour. By all means, if you want to trust your downstairs to your drunk mate Kevin who has seen some videos on YouTube and reckons he could give it a crack with a knitting needle – more power to you. But considering how important I consider my cock, I wouldn’t be willing to take risks like that 🙂

Licensed premises are trained in the procedure, have strict sanitation policies, and aren’t going to think that you’re a weirdo. If it’s embarrassment that’s stopping you, then you have nothing to worry about… they’ve seen it all, the Prince Albert is a popular piercing, and you’re likely the hundredth one they’ve done.

Make sure you ask that too… have they done it before? Do your research and find a body piercer with a good reputation, and some experience. Go and check out their shopfront to see how professional it is, how clean it is, and ask any questions you have.

Scary shed in the woods
Fuck no.

Once you’ve done your research, decided who you’re going with, and made the appointment… then it’s time to prepare yourself.

What do you mean, prepare yourself?

I’m not going to patronise anyone by stating the obvious. If you’re that interested in getting the piercing, you’ve already gone through the pros and cons for yourself as to whether it’s what you want.

When I say prepare, it’s more about practicality.

You will need to shave yourself before the appointment. No hair at all. Not only does it make it more comfortable for the piercer (not having to hack their way through the jungle, or have to shave you when you arrive as part of the procedure)… it’s more sanitary, and it will speed up healing time.

Go straight from having a shower to your appointment… the cleaner you are during the piercing, the better.

You will also want to look at what jewellery you’re planning to have installed. Most advise that you start with a CBR to begin – the CBR (or captive ball ring) is what most people think of when picturing a body piercing. A round ring with a metal ball in the end. The ball can be removed to put the jewellery on, and then pops into place to close the ring and make everything secure.

Eventually, after the piercing is healed, you can go with some more elaborate jewellery. Or a different style (I alternate between a bananabell or a corkscrew design), or choose to go up with your sizing. Sizing is generally referred to as ‘guage’, and speaks to the thickness of the metal. The smaller the number, the thicker the piece. I like large jewellery, so I currently wear a 0g.

Corkscrew body jewellery
The corkscrew… very comfortable to wear, but not the best for sex.

Go too big, or too small, with your guage too soon and you will dramatically impact on your healing time and the quality of the finished piercing.

Make sure that you are going with body-safe materials for your jewellery – stainless steel or titanium are a good bet. Don’t buy something off eBay, spend the little bit extra and purchase it through your piercer… they’ll be able to advise as to the correct guage of jewellery for your body, and their jewellery will likely be autoclaved for sterility and be of a high quality so that you don’t have any issues with rough patches on the metal that can irritate your body.

This is important – along with placement and after care, jewellery selection is one of the major factors in piercing migration.


Migration. It’s when the body rejects the piercing and starts to heal up… slowly forcing the foreign body (in this case, the metal jewellery) out over time.

In addition to the Prince Albert, I’ve had a pubic piercing done twice. That’s where a piece of jewellery is placed at the top of your cock (at the base where it meets your groin). It’s great if you have a female partner, as it hits the clitoris with every thrust. Win.

But you will note that I said above that I’ve had it done twice. Both times it migrated out. Over a period of time the ring just ‘falls out’. It doesn’t hurt (or at least, it didn’t in my case), but it is disappointing – especially if you enjoy the piercing, and have paid good money for the addition.

I haven’t gone back for a third time.

So, getting the right jewellery, the right piercer, and looking after the piercing are super important.

The appointment

So you’re clean, hair free, and quietly shitting yourself that someone you don’t know is about to shove a piece of metal through the end of your dick.


The piercing experience is pretty straight forward and quick… and remarkably pain-free, which was as both surprising to me as it was welcome!

The piercer will have you drop your pants, and likely want you to stand in front of them so they can see ‘how you hang’. They’ll mark the base of your cock with a small dot to show where the piercing will go. The piercing only needs one hole, right where the glans (or head) of your dick meets the shaft. The piercing will normally be placed on one side of the frenulum (the piece of skin that runs on the underside of the penis)… you can discuss with your piercer which side you might prefer.

Once you’re all marked up, your piercer will likely have you lie down. They’ll take a small receiving tube (like a metal chupa-chup stick) and place that down your urethra. They can then angle this tube until it makes a small bulge where the ‘dot’ they marked you with is. Once everything is in place, they will take a sterile needle, and pierce through the bottom skin on your dick, and into the tube.

They thread your jewellery into place, clean everything up, and you’re done!

All up, less that 30 minutes of activity and you’ll be left with a dick that’s now sporting a hood ornament to rival a luxury sedan.

There will be some spotting – or bleeding – how much depends on your body. It’s advisable to wear some clean, fitted (but not too tight) underwear. Make sure they aren’t your favourite pair, in case they end up ruined, and make sure everything can ‘breathe’ properly. You don’t want excess sweat making life difficult. Take a look at underwear with a ‘pouch’ design… it supports your package nicely, without putting any extra pressure on your new addition.

Body modification - Pouch underwear by cocksoc
Personally, I love the cocksox brand. Sexy and comfortable.

If you’re concerned, my piercer advised that some people use a ladies sanitary pad in their pants… luckily I didn’t require it. I was lucky to have almost no spotting, but you do whatever makes you feel comfortable and secure.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to take it easy, especially in the short term. Let your body get used to this new addition… so no running, or pole vaulting, or swimming, or competitive gymnastics.


More than likely your piercer will take you through an after care regime… listen to them. I’m not a doctor, or a piercer, so my advice is general at best and only based on my personal experience.

Your new Prince Albert will need about 6 to 8 weeks healing time, and how you care for it during this period is paramount to the level of success you enjoy.

Make sure you keep it clean… not ‘scrubbed with a loofah’ kind of clean… more ‘washed carefully twice a day with mild unscented soap’ kind of clean.

  • You can soak your member in salt water baths daily, once the spotting has stopped.
    • Don’t do it while you are still spotting as you are washing away the body’s natural healing attempt. But, once the spotting has ceased, warm salt water baths will help keep any crusty bits at bay, and will help keep the wound sterile as it heals.
    • Don’t use alcohol based cleaners – they’re too strong, will slow the healing process, and will hurt like hell. You don’t need them… salt water and time works wonders. If you really want, some antibacterial cream from the pharmacist can also be useful.
  • Change your underwear regularly. You want to keep your package as clean and dry as you possibly can to speed up the healing process.
    • Your piercing will spot for up to a week – especially after urination or if you get an erection. Don’t freak out!
  • Don’t scratch.
    • You may find that your piercing gets a little itchy as it heals, that’s normal. Don’t scratch it or you run the risk of undoing the healing that has occurred, you’ll start spotting again, and you’re back at the beginning.
  • Don’t change your jewellery until you have healed. Even better, go back to your piercer when you’re ready to change and purchase another piece and have it installed properly.
  • Don’t rush into sexual activity… not even solo play.
    • I get it, you’ve got this new sexy looking cock and the extra weight and stimulation might make you horny as hell… just remember you are healing, and you want to give your body the best chance to do that properly for the best result.
    • Give yourself at least 2 to 3 weeks off and, if the healing is going pretty well, make sure you use a condom for up to another 8 weeks. You want to make sure you’re not introducing any bacteria into the piercing, so take it easy and stay protected. Listen to your dick, if it starts to hurt… back off, and give it more time.

And that’s it… you should now have a healthy, attractive, and decorated cock with which you can pleasure yourself and your partner(s)… whilst also being the life of any party after a few drinks.

Living with the piercing

I think it’s great, as does my wife for the most part, but it’s not without its compromises.

  • I had to relearn how to pee. The extra hole made any attempt at standing to urinate a recipe for damp disaster. Even once I figured out how to hold it again, I still tend to use a stall or sit down because I am both lazy and not interested in chatting to strangers about my body modification life choices.
    • I know that sounds stupid coming from someone literally writing a blog about his body modification life choices for anonymous internet consumption… but that’s different.
    • I choose who I share my piercing with, and I can’t count the number of guys who feel like I need to know their opinion on my cock when standing at a bar urinal. So I just avoid this.
  • Also, it’s not always what my wife wants. As I said above, I prefer fairly large guage jewellery… and this can be uncomfortable for her at times. Sometimes she just want’s normal dick… and that’s fair.
  • You have to learn to install or remove your jewellery.
    • With large guage metal CBR’s, this can be difficult. The ball is held in place by the tension of the metal ring, so you have to prise the ring apart to get the ball out. This can be difficult with thick metal, and you don’t want to slip and rip your piercing out! Once you’ve healed, you can go with a segment ring or a ‘screw in’ style CBR or barbell… this makes removing the jewellery much easier.

All in all, I love my pierced cock… and it’s treated me very well. If the Prince Albert is something you think you’re interested in, and you have any questions not covered above, you can always drop me a line and I’m more than happy to answer any questions. read more blog