I’m always on the lookout for the best sex lubricant. As far as I’m concerned, decent lubricant isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it‘s an essential… and I don’t know anyone who enjoys ‘dry’ sex.

Roll of sandpaper
As a result, the 180 grit Fleshlight was a commercial failure

There’s a wealth of choices available… with something to suit every body, every preference, every use, and every need.

I’ve previously written about my personal favourite – Pjur Original – but I’m always open to new experiences (I wouldn’t be in this game if I wasn’t!)

Anyway, through my twitter feed (@menstoytester), I was enlightened to the existence of SPUNK Lube… a hybrid water and silicone based lubricant, with the consistency and appearance of ejaculate.

Bottle of Spunk brand personal lubricant
How long would it take to collect 250ml of spunk?

A number of those I follow on social media, along with those who read this site, suggested that I check out SPUNK Lube and let them know what I think.

So I did.

Why, and what’s good about, SPUNK Lube?

There’s a bunch of reasons that lubricants like SPUNK are appealing:

  • Many people like to the idea of large amounts of cum – it‘s a pretty popular kink (seriously, check out the videos online)… however getting your hands on the volume of cum needed to satisfy this kind of fetish would require engaging with large numbers of men, which can be both logistically challenging, and potentially unsafe
  • Hybrid based products promise the ‘slip factor’ of a silicone based lube, whilst still being compatible for use with silicone toys
    • Silicone lubricant can’t be used with silicone toys… I found this out the hard way when the surface of one of my favourite toys melted off in my hand
  • The combination of both water and silicone in the lubricant makes for a thicker lube than either on their own
  • The ‘slip’ lasts longer than that of a standard water based lube
    • Water-based products tend to dry out quickly and become ‘tacky’… the addition of silicone into the mix creates a product that lasts longer, and doesn’t require such regular re-application

What did I think?

I’m torn on this one.

On the one hand, it’s an interesting lube… it looks cool, especially if you go crazy and use a heap of it. It’s clearly high quality – the pump bottle works fantastically and makes application a breeze, and it’s as slippery AF.

It does have a slight odour… not the chlorine-like smell of actual cum, more of a glycerin/clag glue type scent. But it’s not offensive, so it’s not a dealbreaker.

It lasts longer than a water based lube, which is a great thing… but still requires either occasional re-application, or reactivating with a little water/spit (unlike a 100% silicone product like pjur).

And it doesn’t appear to affect silicone toys (yay!)

But, all that said… I’m not sure I’m a huge fan. Due to one very big issue…

This lubricant is too slippery.

I realise that this would seem like something you would want in a lubricant, and it lends itself to some great uses (more on that in a minute)… but for me it was too slippery to fuck with.

Over the number of times we tried SPUNK, it removed all – and I mean all – friction from the equation. I didn’t really understand just how not-fun fucking could be until I simply couldn’t feel any sensation other than ’slick’. Apparently I need to actually feel my partner when I’m having sex in order to fully enjoy myself.

And, with SPUNK Lube, I couldn’t feel anything.

Not what I meant when I googled ‘slippery bear’


SPUNK Lube is fantastic for other uses:

  • Long term play
    • If you’re planning a long session, SPUNK Lube will stay with you for the entire journey
  • Last longer
    • If you tend to get overstimulated easily, and would like to take the time to enjoy yourself, then SPUNK Lube could be your answer
  • Anal play
    • As we’ve covered before, you need to use copious amounts of lube when engaging in anal play. SPUNK Lube lasts for ages, won’t harm your toys, and will absolutely ensure your comfort
  • Aesthetics
    • If you’re interested in taking some personal adult pictures, or making adult content, SPUNK Lube will achieve the right look and last long enough to take multiple photos etc
  • POP-style dildos
    • There’s a whole range of dildos and adult toys that are meant to mimic the look and sensation of ejaculation
    • Great for same sex couples, pegging, transgender people, and those with erectile issues… filling an ejaculating dildo with SPUNK Lube is likely as close as you can possibly get to the real thing (other than the sheer amount of cum you will be able to spray)
Pop dildo is an ejaculating seX toy
Get messy with an ejaculating dildo, and SPUNK lube

And… it’s really easy to clean up. A quick wipe and it’s gone, no lingering tackiness (which is great).

Final word.

I’m not a scientist… I’m a guy that writes about fuck-toys on the internet when he’s not raising his family or working a day job.

That said, I was concerned to find out that SPUNK Lube contains methylparaben. Methylparaben is a preservative and, as the name suggests, part of the paraben family. Throughout the adult toy industry (and even in food grade containers) parabens are being removed due to concerns about their potential impact on human health and hormones.

So keep that in mind.

For me, I’m going to stick with pjur for my go-to lube, and continue my search for a great toy safe alternative.