Stainless Steel Butt Plug
The njoy Pure Plug 2.0
*clouds part*
*sunlight shaft*
*angels sing*

What can be said that hasn’t already been said about the njoy Pure Plug 2.0?

No idea, but I’m going to have a crack.

I’ll be honest, this is the one toy that I lusted after for the longest time, and took the most effort to convince myself that it was a worthy investment. I’d read so many user reviews, seen the videos, and researched the websites… and everything said that this toy was amazing.

Then again, $200 for a piece of steel I’m going to stick in my bum… it would want to be almost life changing .

Man throwing lots of money
Actual image of me buying the njoy Pure Plug 2.0

Luckily, it is everything I hoped for… and then some!

To begin, the presentation by njoy is beautiful. A hard, high quality, cardboard box opens up on a ribbon supported hinge to reveal a satin lined depression cradling the shiniest of bum toys.

Njoy Pure plug 2.0 in box
*angels begin openly weeping*

The Numbers

  • Insertable length : 9cm
  • Widest girth : 5cm
  • Weight : 570 grams (over half a kilogram of butt toy!)

The toy is medical grade stainless steel… super smooth and cold to the touch (more on that later). The bulb has a number of indentations around its head, which I believe is not just for aesthetics… I feel it’s to reduce the overall weight of the unit so you don’t throw your hip out trying to walk.

Because, and this is a big selling point, this toy is HEAVY. It has a heft that screams quality, and adds an amazing dimension to use that other prostate stimulators can’t compete with. If it was a car, they’d sell in on the quality ‘thunk’ of the doors… it’s that kind of engineering marvel.

Audi car with open door.
You just know this baby would sound sweet if you slammed it.

I got chilllls… they’re multiplyinnngg…

As the Pure Plug 2.0 is stainless steel, it’s fantastic at conducting temperature. Straight out of the box, it feels cool to the touch… which in and of itself is an incredibly pleasurable sensation when being used.

But it also opens it up to the wonders of temperature play… run the plug under warm water and it takes on the heat. This can help with relaxing you into taking the whole circumference. You can also chill it in the fridge, or under cold water for a totally different sensation.

Do not put it in the freezer before use… you might be thinking ‘cold is great, really cold is going to be really great’, but we’ve all seen movies about ‘snowdays’ to know that frozen steel on sensitive flesh can only end in tears.

Cartoon of kid with tongue stuck to flagpole
Let’s all pretend that I removed the shutterstock tag.

Smooth as buttuh

The Pure Plug 2.0 is super smooth. Amazingly smooth. Fantastically smooth. Smoother than the groin of a Victorias Secret model. Smoother than the airbrushed faces on a supermarket magazine cover. Smoother than a 15 year old’s moves at a blue light disco after discovering Joop aftershave.

Ryan Gosling looking awesome in a blue tuxedo
Smoother than this guy.

The added bonus of being amazingly easy to clean cannot be overstated. This toy can be washed, or boiled, or wiped with toy cleaner – every time returning back to its lustrous shine without effort. Just don’t use anything abrasive, lest you scratch the finish.

The toy is completely unblemished, save a small njoy logo etched into its handle… and the polished finish makes the Pure Plug 2.0 amazing for anal play. 

Most bum toys have an element of ‘drag’ when in use. Silicone, plastic, and other materials experience friction upon insertion… and, whilst lube always helps, it can’t negate it entirely.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, when teamed with a little lube slips faster than a bogan in a supermarket under a cctv camera.

Tracy Grimshaw grimacing
Tracy Grimshaw is not amused at your attempt as insurance fraud, bogan.

Anyway, this makes the Pure Plug 2.0 far more user friendly than it has any place being. Seeing as the plug is a solid hunk of polished metal, there is absolutely no ‘give’… insertion (at least the first time) takes a deft hand and steely resolve. With toys made of a soft material, such as silicone, there is less ‘stretch’ required by your body when using. Not so with the Pure Plug 2.0… it doesn’t give a millimeter.

However, due to the lack of drag – and the ability to use my favourite lube (pjur silicone),  the Pure Plug 2.0 is remarkably user friendly. I fully expected to have to take a few attempts to get it right, maybe having to warm up with a smaller toy first, but I was able to take the Pure Plug 2.0 immediately and without discomfort.

Which is absolutely amazing!


The experience is a complete game changer. The sheer size and weight of this toy is mind blowing. It sits comfortably against the prostate, providing constant pressure, and the weight causes it to ‘bounce’ when you move – which ups the stimulation considerably. There is a feeling of ‘fullness’ when inserted that is simply a joy.

And at no time, even taking into account the weight of the Pure Plug 2.0, was there any concern about the toy slipping back out. The wide bulb, combined with the thin tapered shaft, sits securely for extended periods. The thinness shaft allows your muscles to relax around the toy, keeping it exactly where you need it and making sure you don’t experience any discomfort.

There is one small downside, and this has been mentioned by numerous other reviewers, the handle on the Pure Plug 2.0 has a tendency to ‘clunk’ if you sit down on a hard surface without thinking. Not an issue in my work office chair, or on my couch at home, but take a seat at some swanky hipster cafe on their wood / metal seats and your bum will make a noise not unlike a Suzuki Swift backing into a parking bollard.

So don’t sit on anything too delicate while wearing the Pure Plug 2.0

Car with smashed front end
Insurer : So, tell me what happened again…
Me : I just sorta, sat down

Final thoughts…

Buy one. Buy one now. Buy one for your significant other. Buy one for your open minded friend. Buy one for your in-laws. Buy one just to keep next to the bed for defence against home invasion.

I cannot give this toy a higher accolade. I am disappointed it took me so long to convince myself to invest in this high end piece, and can safely say it is worth every cent.